What Tools Do You Need To Launch Your Sales Funnel?
When it comes to actually setting up your sales funnel you have three options.

1. Hire someone else to set it up for you who knows what they're doing.
2. You can code your sales funnel from scratch using HTML, CSS, and PHP if you know how to code (not recommended).

3. You can use 3rd party tools to set it up for you.

If you want to hire it out, kindly let me know.

Of course… If you're like me and you'd like to do it yourself however, it's time to use 3rd party tools to build your funnel pages and get the job done. 

A lot of 3rd party tools out there that can help you build out a sales funnel. 

However, in my opinion one tool clearly stands above the rest.

This funnel building tool is called ClickFunnels.

It was created by a wildly successful entrepreneur named Russell Brunson.

…And it's the best funnel building tool I've seen.

ClickFunnels is great because it allows you to build out your entire sales funnel, from capturing leads, to sales pages, to order forms, to 1-click upsells or downsells, to membership sites for 1 low monthly price…$97 or $297 a month.

And it includes a free 2 week trial.

That's not all. It integrates with over 10 different autoresponder companies… As well as integrating with 6 different payment processors including stripe, infusionsoft, click bank, paypal and more.

Plus, it gets better.

If you have a problem support is top notch.

Not only will they respond within a few hours each time.

But often at times they will "fix" an error for you at no extra charge and even send you a quick video on what went wrong and how they fixed it.

Pretty neat eh?

What do I like best about ClickFunnels for building out funnel pages?

My favorite feature is that the page editor is limitless and is easy to use, and easy to LEARN to use.

You can learn ClickFunnels in less than 30 minutes and start building your first super customized page within the hour.

Any webpage you see on the internet can be modeled with Click Funnels.

You'll notice all the landing pages I use personally around my website are built in ClickFunnels too.

There are indirect alternatives out there, but in my experience nothing has really come close for building a sales funnel...

Did you know that 25%-75% of the total sales generated from a sales funnel are generated during a followup email sequence?

Well the next tool you'll need is a state of the art Email Autoresponder.

Now, chances are you probably already have an email auto responder such as Mailchimp, or Aweber.

And while those email autoresponders would have been great to use 10 years ago when competition online was a lot less harsh.

In today's marketing environment there are only 3 Email Autoresponders that are really worth investing in.

I.   OntraPort 
II.  Infusion Soft
III. Active Campaign 

Which one do I like the best?

OntraPort by a landslide.

OntraPort is by far the most powerful, easy to use, and affordable solution of the 3.

With 90% of the muscle of Infusion Soft and Active Campaign when it comes to email marketing minus 100% of the confusion.

It also doesn't hurt that OntraPort cost quite a bit less too.

However, I don't use it for cost savings.

I use OntraPort because it's powerful, easy to use, and does everything I need it to do.

It can handle the MOST complicated email marketing strategy you can put together.

Which will make modeling your competitors email sequence a breeze.

Once you have an OntraPort and Click Funnels account you'll have all the tools you'll need to model your best competitor's sales funnel.

If you're a beginner at using ClickFunnels modeling out 1 complete funnel using the funnel builder might take a little over a week.

However, once you get better at using the tool you'll be able to model out a 7 page funnel in a single day using click funnels.

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SOLA OLOJEDE : Sales Funnel Architect & Seo Consultant

I love the conversions, reports, metrics, and have a passion for building profitable sales funnels. 
If you need help with marketing online or building intelligent funnels to generate leads, convert sales and create raving fans for your business, we can help. Simply just drop us an email, we'd love to chat at support@trendfunnelsuk.com to schedule a 30-minute strategy session so we can give you a blueprint for being successful online based on our experience of "what's working now" in the world of online marketing and advertising.
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