How To Build A Perfect Sales Funnel System.

How to build the perfect sales funnel with nothing held back…


Before I start I have a quick question.


If you were on a game show and were asked to draw the best representation of 

business on a sheet of paper for a 50% chance to win $1,000,000 dollars just for 


What would you draw?


Play along anyway.

Because it's important.

You see…

Most people (when it comes right down to it) would draw some sort of building to best 

represent a business on a sheet of paper.

Perhaps they would draw an office building, or a department store.

What would I draw?

A Sales Funnel .

The most accurate way to represent a real business on a sheet of paper is to draw out a 

simple sales funnel.

Your sales funnel IS your business.



Now, to start building your funnels you have to understand with 

crystal like 

clarity what an offline marketing funnel looks like.

So you won't get distracted by the technology behind online funnels.

The most confusing and least important part of a funnel is the technology behind it.

Now, the offline funnel looks like this…

places a small ad in a magazine or newspaper asking readers to contact their company 

for a free report.

After each reader contacts the business, they receive a sales letter disguised as a free 

report selling a low-cost product (often called a trip wire).

Next, each buyer who purchases said low-cost product receives that product along with 

ANOTHER sales letter selling an even higher cost product.

Ad > Free report > low cost offer > higher cost offer.

In other words…

Sales funnels demystified.

Sales funnels come in all different shapes and sizes but there's a few core principles 


need to learn to really grasp how they work.


Knowing how the offline marketing funnel looks isn't enough to fully understand it.

…And you need to fully understand the beast or you will make a mistake when you're 

-$486 in the red… 

On day #1 of your marketing campaign and your real cash is on the line.

What do I mean?

But knowing how it looks on paper isn't enough to fully understand it.

You need to know how it FEELS too.

And you need to know this because…

If you aren't prepared emotionally you run the risk of giving up too early if you don't 

know what to expect in the field.

Here's what to expect:

Launching the offline marketing funnel (or any sales funnel for that matter) feels like losing 

money on day #1 of the campaign.

Here's what I mean…

The most basic marketing funnel looks like this:

Ad > Free report > low cost offer > higher cost offer.
But profit wise…

The most basic marketing funnel creates/loses profit like this.

Step 1: Place the ad = Losing money

Step 2: Free report offer = Losing money

Step 3: Low cost offer = Break even

Step 4: Higher cost offer = Make profit

A sales funnel doesn't make you a profit until a single prospect sees your ad, 

requests your free report, buys your first offer, and then buys your second offer.

…and this entire process takes time to complete.

For example…

If you pay $1000 for an ad placement in a popular niche magazine on the 1st of the 


It might take 30 days for everyone who's ever going to see your ad to see the ad.

Then it might take another 3 weeks for everyone who's ever going to request your free 

report to request it after seeing your ad.

Because people are busy, like to procrastinate, and don't read magazines as soon as 

they buy them.

Next, it might take ANOTHER 2 weeks for everyone who requested your free report 

who's ever going to buy your low cost offer to actually buy your offer.


Lastly, it might take ANOTHER 2 weeks for everyone who's bought your low cost offer 

who's ever going to buy your higher cost offer…to actually buy your higher cost offer.

If you have a sales funnel that is destined to produce 10k a month you might have to

run the funnel for 3 months before you actually start to take in 10k a

month....sometimes longer...

Make sense?


Now that you fully understand the most basic sales funnel (the offline marketing funnel).

You're ready to build a sales funnel that will work with your business.

Here's what to do:

The first phase to building your funnel is planning it out on paper.

Tip: Don't use Microsoft Word for this. Technology just gets in the way.

Now I'm making 2 assumptions of your situation.

1. I assume you've picked a niche market.

2. I assume you already have 1 product/service to sell.

If you don't have a niche...

*Stop reading*

Go choose a niche immediately (what are you 

waiting for?)

On the other hand…if you don't have a product/service to offer yet…keep reading anyway.

Now, the first step to planning out your sales funnel on paper is listing your entire 

product lineup on a sheet of paper…

(if you've already done this give yourself a pat on the back you're ahead of the class).

Your product lineup will be the raw source material you'll use to make your 

sales funnel work.

Your products and services aren't rigid. They are fluid.

If you want to do well you will need to get used to combing products together and 

tearing them apart into smaller chunks on a whim.

All of the time.

You will spend a lot of time on this.

So it's good to have this list prepared beforehand.


The next thing to do is to pick your funnel type.

There are several types of funnels.

You already know about the original offline one.

However, instead of teaching you all the types right now I'm going to show you a 

shortcut worth taking.

It's how I choose what initial funnel type to build before I begin split testing.

List your products and services.

I like to list all of my products on 1 sheet of paper.

Then for each product or service I like to follow the advice of the late Gary Halbert and 

create a "fact sheet", and a "benefits sheet".

For each product or service.

The fact sheet lists all of the hard facts about the product.

While, the benefit sheet takes each of the facts on the fact sheet and converts them to 


I like doing this because it makes combing my products into new packages, or tearing 

them apart into smaller components a little easier.

I will often tear full products apart to create freebies to give away for lead attraction, or 

to create bonuses.

I will also often combine full products together to create premium offer.

A Way That You Could Guarantee To Build The Right Type Of Funnel Is By Using A Software Called CLICKFUNNELS.
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